Established in 1947, LifePoint Associates, Inc. is a distinguished independent financial services and insurance agency situated in Grand Rapids, Michigan. With a remarkable legacy of over 75 years, our unwavering commitment remains focused on the financial prosperity and protection of our valued clients.

At LifePoint, we proudly represent a diverse array of insurance plans and types, ensuring personalized solutions that align with the unique needs of each individual. Our dedicated team will thoroughly assess your requirements and provide expert recommendations tailored to your situation and budget. With a steadfast dedication to delivering exceptional customer service, we aim to empower you with extensive choices and reliable guidance.

Trust LifePoint Associates to be your partner in securing a brighter financial future.


Your Future

Protecting your future means making smart financial choices, like saving, investing, managing debt, and planning for retirement. It also involves setting clear goals and regularly assessing your progress to secure your long-term financial well-being.

Your Income

Protecting your income involves measures to ensure you continue to receive money even in adverse circumstances. This includes having disability insurance to cover income loss due to illness or injury.

Your Retirement

Protecting your retirement involves budgeting, diversifying investments, minimizing debt, understanding your benefits like Social Security, and considering long-term care and health insurance.