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Breeze Disability & Critical Illness

LifePoint Associates, Inc. offers Breeze Disability.

Disability insurance online from Breeze. The coverage replaces a portion of lost income if you can’t work. You receive monthly payments if you develop a long-term physical or mental illness or have injuries from an accident.

Shopping for disability insurance is often time-consuming. Once you choose a policy, you may have to wait for the insurance company to decide if your application is approved. Breeze simplifies buying disability insurance with these tools:

  • Learn about disability insurance by reading easy-to-understand information in Breeze’s library.
  • Answer a few questions to get an instant quote without entering contact information. This makes the quoting process fast, and you know you won’t be getting sales calls, emails and text messages.
  • If you like your quote, answer a few more questions to complete an application in 15 minutes or less.

Critical illness insurance from Breeze helps you pay for what your medical insurance doesn’t. Your deductibles and out-of-pocket maximum probably cost more than ever before. A serious illness like cancer or stroke can be financially catastrophic.

Breeze critical illness insurance fills the gap in your health insurance for specific high-cost illnesses. You don’t have to be totally disabled and may work and still receive your full benefit amount.

You learn about individual critical illness insurance and the coverage you can expect on Breeze’s website. Like the disability insurance, you answer a few questions and get a quote in a couple of minutes. Complete the secure online application in around 10 minutes to finalize a policy.

Breeze critical illness insurance covers these medical conditions:

  • Heart attack
  • Kidney failure
  • Invasive cancer
  • Coronary artery bypass surgery
  • Angioplasty
  • Advanced Alzheimer’s disease
  • Stroke
  • Major organ transplant
  • Paralysis
  • Noninvasive cancer
  • Coma

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