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Testimonials for LifePoint Associates, Inc.

Anita D.

You’ve been great to work with, I appreciate it. I’m going to refer my coworker to you. She needs the same thing for her husband.

Jim S.

Hey, If your looking for a new Insurance agent with many companies to give you options, Winter Insurance Group is where you want to go. Great owner with a caring staff and people that have your best interests at heart.

David T.

Steve is 100% customer minded. I purchased a car on a Friday night (online no, less) and he was able to get my insurance binder on a Saturday morning to complete this transaction. This process went very smoothly. I would highly recommend him for your insurance needs.

Ryder L.

I liked that it’s easy to set up and get insurance online. I like that your able to help me and answer questions whenever I needed to. 

Cris T.

Winter Insurance helped me get insurance when I wasn't able to get it anywhere else. I give them a 10!